Potty about the Patio Knife


If Spring is in the Air, Weed Seeds are not far Behind…

This little beauty is a gardening gem.  For anyone with a patio, terrace or wayward path, the lesser-known patio weeder,  weed knife or patio knife is a life-saver.  If you fancy more flags than foliage – grab this little tool and make sure your weeds know their place.  To compost or not to compost, that is the question?

This little orange beauty  comes with a short handle to hook out weeds from between paving slabs, but  to add to the excitement, you can get a long-handled variety too – shed loads of fun!

Just get out there and do it when the sun is shining.  If you don’t have the time or energy, or simply have better things to do – you know who to call?