Treatment Prices

Shakra Indian Head & Foot Massage, Horsham, West Sussex

♥  Full Indian Head Massage (30 minutes) £30.00

♥  Extended Indian Head Massage (40 minutes) £40.00

♥  Double Indian Head Massage (60 minutes) £60.00

♥  Indian Foot Massage (45 minutes) £45.00

♥  Combined Indian Head & Foot Massage (60 minutes) £60.00

Mobile & Workplace Massage also available – please ask for details.

One to One Indian Head Massage Tuition | You will learn a selection of techniques that will enable you to perform a basic Indian Head Massage on your friends and loved ones (NB: this course does not provide a professional qualification). It includes massage of the upper back, upper arms, shoulders, neck, head and ears – all areas that are prone to the stresses and strains of everyday living. The massage is given while the recipient is fully clothed, no oils are used and only a stool or chair is required.

Shakra Indian Head & Foot Massage, Horsham, West SussexThe power of touch is incredibly beneficial and healing; there is no greater gift than being able to give someone a wonderfully relaxing massage with your own hands. It’s fantastic for anyone that needs de-stressing or likes to feel loved and it’s particularly beneficial for encouraging a close and loving relationship between couples. Many people give their friends and family a rub now and again, but it really makes a difference being able to perform a range of tried and trusted techniques that will provide a structure to your massage and be of real benefit to the recipient. You will need to bring along a human ‘guinea pig’ on which to practise – most people jump at the chance! Please ask for details.

“Thank you for a lovely day, I really enjoyed the training and of course the delightful lunch. I have given my first head massage as promised to my son, he loved it.” Rosie

“What a wonderful day thank you!” Sharon

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