Turning Full Circle

roundabout 1Circles, cycles, roundabouts and spheres – I don’t know if there’s something in the air tonight, but I keep coming back to the same thing.  There is no escaping that everything is connected!  When I ‘came out’ about my portfolio career on linkedin, I wrote, ostensibly, about the fact that all of my seemingly different activities overlapped in one way or another.  I’m not sure now, whether I really believed that or whether I was trying to justify the fact that I chose to do all of these unconnected things (Jill of all trades, master of….).  However, the crossover can no longer be denied; there really does seem to be a seamless fusion between, gardening, massage, copywriting and PR – the common denominator, of course, is me, at the centre of my own universe.  The Write Girl Cosmos – a virtuous circle!

To elaborate on the thinking, I undertook some gardening recently, discovered that my client was a yoga teacher, attended her classes and also ended up massaging at her retreats.  Through her I became aware of another yoga centre and became interested in its programme and Teacher Training, when I approached them for info, the yogi noticed that I did copywriting & PR and another relationship developed in that sphere.  I’ve experienced loads of this recently and tend to think of it like the roundabout to life, there are lots of different exits but they all come back to the same place eventually.  Intention, values and style remain the same – planted in the middle, no matter what you do it is these elements that people respond to and return to time and time again.  What goes around comes around!