Snowdrops Herald Spring

Welcome to my very first, ever, blog!

My intention is to dip into all the different areas I work across, depending on what inspires me at any given time or day.  Or it might be something from my personal life.

Today feels as though it’s the first, dry sunny day since well before Christmas.  The Country has been brought to its knees by freak weather conditions.  A few days ago, upon waking, I morbidly started thinking about ‘what if this is the beginning of the end of the world, what if the weather doesn’t actually stop battering us all and we all get blown to smithereens or engulfed in the ever-rising flood water?’  Just like one of those incredibly, scary, Hollywood movies. I quickly forgot about it and today the morning greeted me with brilliant sunshine and the view of some gorgeous, twinkling, clumps of snowdrops, nestled at the edge of the woods opposite my bedroom window.  We’re still here then!

It got me thinking about gardening, and while my garden is actually too wet to do anything, for fear of mangling the lawn into a muddy mire, it’s been a lovely day to feel inspired and plan what needs to be done in the garden over the next few weeks.  A nice leisurely stroll around the grounds to survey the patch and then cup of coffee, kitchen table, notepad at the ready:

Courtesy of The Royal Horticultural Society, here’s a list of jobs for today (or in the coming weeks if you’ve a mind to):

  • Potting on: Permanent container plants need repotting every few years to free up the roots and replace old compost.
  • Prune established climbers and wall shrubs to prevent them becoming a bushy or straggly mess.
  • Sow vegetables such as broad beans, leeks and onions under cover for early outdoor planting.
  • Renovate overgrown deciduous hedges before they become difficult to maintain and to encourage rejuvenation.
  • Sweet peas are easy to grow from seed. For early displays, sow sweet peas in a glasshouse or cold frame.
  • Pre-warm soil by covering with cloches or plastic sheets, which will allow earlier planting and speedier growth.

Keep warm, cosy and motivated, Spring is in the air …